Sunday, August 9, 2009

paper writing = boring

hello all, been pretty buys lately with school :(, grr I dislike summer school. I am trying to write this research paper, but its hard to sit still and actually work on it. Ok so heres a pic of me getting out of the shower. I will be taking it down soon so look at it fast lol. please dont steal the picture or anything like that, or I wont do it again.

Pic deleted

My restoring of my foreskin is going along pretty well, little sore but it will get better as time goes on, I think lol.
Well I had an awesome week, hopefully you guys did 2.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hey everyone sorry I havent posted in a while, just been a little busy lately with school and work.
I need to write some papers and they I am behind on :(, and they keep asking me to work extra hours while its summer still.

Well i started restoring the foreskin. I started about a week ago. I started with the t tape method because I have a tight cut, but I noticed a big difference so far. I have about twice as much loose skin now. I will probably start using a device that I have its called a cat, but I need to get more skin to start using it so I have to keep up with the T tape method. Its kind of annoying because I have to cut the tape every night. I am getting good at it though, but I like to give my dick a little air so I just take it off every night in the bath so it doesnt hurt when I take it off.

Work is going ok, kind of boring lately but its ok.

School is well boring, teacher just reads out of the book all the time, and treats us like we are 10 year olds.

Brothers are doing good :), my youngest brother is actually thinking about restoring to, but hasnt for sure made up his mind yet, hes 11 years old.

I need to start writing my papers :(.

Thanks to new people who read my blog :), and please dont feel like you have to read my blog all the time, its pretty boring lol but I appreciate it.

I will put the picture of me back up soon :) I will take a new one, only because I got a lot of comments on how cute I was lol. Thanks I really needed that boost :).

The Amazing but boring Corey

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hey guys, I got my 4th follower :) welcome. I had the most crazy week ever, omg you probably wont even believe me, but here it goes LOL.



fri- So I met this boy online, and hes 18 years old, and hes gay. We started talking through emails, and then he said he lives in the same state as me. I was like ohh? thats cool, I asked him were he lived? and he replied back with the same city as me. I was like woahh thats really cool lol. Well the city I live in is pretty big, has about 400,000 people who live in it. So I wasnt to worried. So I was like where do you live? I live on the east side. He replied I live on the west side. I then replied oh? I work on the west side :). and while I was sending these to him I was working at the time and driving in the car. So I asked him do you live near this one street? because I work really close to it, and he replied Yes I do, I live really close to it actually. I was like woah this is starting to creap me out lol. So I gave him my number and we started texing each other, and he was like crap on my bike and it just started raining, I though to myself, wait a second it just started raining here 2, we are probably pretty close to each other like with in a couple miles maybe. I was like sry :(, and said where are you now? He replied I am the entrance to the school. Right when I got that text I was literally pulling around the corner, and with in 100 feet away from him, I was freaking out, so I put in reverse and went the wrong way on a one way LOL, I was so scared, I mean we both sent pictures to each other, I sent him 2 and he sent me one, and he even said I was cute lol. I told him I am about 15 sec away from you, and he said omg really? I want to see/meet you. I told him he probably saw my car but I chickened out, and I told him I was sorry that I wasnt ready yet. Im not sure what he wants, I kinda just want a friend whos gay that I can talk to and hang out with, but I asked him if he wanted to see a movie next week, and he didnt mind. I am scared though :(.

sat- Probably one of the best nights I ever had in super long time. So that boy that I love, well we stayed up to like 7 in the morning talking LOL, I was so tired, but I didnt care at all, I just wanted to stay up all day with him, I felt like I wanted it to last forever, and if I went to bed then my dream would end. OMG, hes so nice and sweet and funny, and is so cute. He made me laugh so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes lol, but I didnt tell him because I didnt want him to laugh at me. We were cracking so many jokes, and having a blast. We even came up with some cool terms, well he came up with them. Hes good at that, Hes really smart compared to me lol. Did I mention hes super cute? LOL. I cant believe that night happened still, I feel like it was a dream, and if I bring it up to him hes going to say it never happened, because I feel like it was to good to be true. I miss him so much right now, I just want to talk to him all day, and do nothing else. I droped off my parents, and brothers at the airport so basicly I have the whole house to myself. I was going to go but I allready took a couple weeks off work, and my Dad sais I cant take off anymore days for a while, Plus he doesnt want me missing summer school.

sun- hmmm another boring day, got like 2 hours of sleep again, because I cant stop thinking about what happened on sat early morning. Thats all thats on my mind right now, I emailed him, but he hasnt responded yet, I keep refreshing my email on my phone but I havent got anything yet lol, hes probably really busy, because hes really popular and a lot of people like doing stuff with him, which I dont blame them lol, If I lived closer to him I would be at his house everday, and hanging out with him, and swimming, playing video games, omg I better stop rambling on before you guys give up reading my post LOL.

that one day with that boy, made my whole month into one of the best months LOL. weird ehh lol but I hope we can do it again, not sure if he wants to, but I can wish right?

Oh and I met this cool blogger, his name is wkboy, hes pretty cool, and hes really nice, I am glad I got to meet him.

Ok later everyone

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time to move on

OK so I had some rough days this week, but I can only blame myself for them. I used to have this relationship with someone, I am not even sure if it was even a relationship, to be honest I am not sure what it was, but I keep coming back to talk to him hoping he will love me back, but every time I do, I just end up getting hurt. IF only he knew how much I loved him... I don't think he will ever know either. I have been so confused and emotionally drained I went to a couple of friends of mine. One is another blogger, and he told me that I need to just move on, and get over it. The other is a friend that I work with, and he told me he did the same thing with his girl friend that hes dating only what he did was worse. He said that what he did was very stupid but he tried hard to get his girl friend back and ended up getting back with her. I kind of told him what I did, I told him I lied to her (because he doesn't know I am gay), and I flirted with another girl at the same time. He said I shouldn't give up that there is still hope, and that hopefully she will see that your really special. But then he said if it doesn't work out, well there is other girls out there, and I told him none like her though, shes not like everyone else. I told him that she is probably by far one of the cutest girls I ever seen. But maybe the blogger was right, I just need to move on. I hope my friend is right that there is others out there. I don't think I could get myself to liking someone and dating them for a while after this. Sad I know because I am probably going to waste the best time of my life pouting over this. I loved him so much, but time is changed and I need to move on.

So during class this week I wrote this paper on a really embarrassing topic, and the teacher made us read them in front of the class, I was so freaking mad. That could possibly be the most embarrassing moment ever lol.

News to me apparently my brother got a new girl friend. I haven't seen her yet so maybe hes just making her up lol. I know hes not getting any though, because we jerk off together a lot lol. He could possibly be the one person in this world who is more horny then me lol. Hes always jerking off, and talking to me about how his girl friend sucked his cock. I just ignore it though because it gets old after a while lol.

BIG THANKS for the few people that read my blog, I kind of like the fact that only 2 people read my blog lol, I dont like the attention anyway. see ya later dudes

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is he gay?

Hello everyone, I am super duper tired right now, but I am going to try squeezing in a post before I go NI NI. ( lol I used to call it that because of my little brother) So had some pretty interesting things happen over the last couple days.

First off I got back stabbed by a couple people I trusted with some information. I felt so many different emotions at the time when it happened. I felt betrayed, hurt, and now I feel like I cant even trust anyone anymore. Now on I am not telling anybody anything I don't want anybody hearing, I am going to be boring ol Corey. I don't see how people can be so low, I guess I am either to nice, or I really been back stabbed pretty bad.

Second off I was working with this pretty cool boy tonight, and I went up to him and said HI, and he just stood there and acted like I wasn't even there, so then I just let him have some space, because he looked down from something. He then came up to me later though, and started talking, apparently him and his girl friend are in a pretty big fight, I guess she was cheating on him, and now she wants him back, but he doesn't know what to do. I told him I was sorry, and I kinda knew what he was going through, and I felt really bad because the same thing happened to me except I was the girl in this situation, but I probably wasn't that bad. Then he asked me if I was going to cut my hair, because I am growing it out right now. Its long enough right now that it curls at the end, which is what I want it to do. I have blond hair. I then asked him, should I get it cut? He said no way I like it long, I think your hair looks really good. Like him saying that made me feel so good, because I am so jealous of his hair because he has brown short thick hair, and I always wanted something else besides blond, but when he said that I thought for sure he was gay lol, but I am pretty positive hes not.

Ok so before you leave I have to make you laugh, and since only 2 people read my blog, I am sure that will be easy lol. So here is a story that happened not to long ago, So I was at home on some random night, and I was in Nicks (brother) room. Dont ask why I was in his room lol, because I cant remember. Nick was downstairs in the living room, and I was so horny, that I started jacking off in his room. Well Nick took the motorcycle out and left it outside, and my Mom freaks out when she catches him on the bike, because he doesnt have a licsense and she hates that its so dangerous. So... lol when I was jacking off in his room, she comes running in there with out knocking and starts yelling, and she totally saw my Jimmy, and she stoped yelling and just walked out of the room. It was so weird, and embarrasing, but the good part about the story is, she thinks it was Nick because we look a little a like, and the room was dark. I never told Nick though because that would only make him feel weird then lol.

I got a crazy sun burn today, so I am a little sore. My brothers friend asked to feel my abs today, I was kind of shocked lol, but I let him, and then he showed me his. Hes got a proper 4 pack lol.

Ok dank ku for reading my blog. Time to turn in.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hold up rainny day

Heys everyone, I got 2 followers yay me. Thanks Jeremy and Aek. I got tagged by Aek lol I think we are to put a picture of were we make post for our blog right? so here is where I blog.
sorry it isnt the greatest picture, but I couldnt find my mom's camera so I had to use my phone.

So I hurt someone really close to me and I feel bad, and I dont think he wants to talk to me anymore, I am going to give him a week, and hopefully he might miss me and come back, but I dont think he will. I lied to him, and I understand why he doesnt want to talk to me now. I miss him a lot though.

So Blake went on vacation, and we were talking the night before he left, and I was super tired because it was like 3 in the morning, but he said he would call or text me the next day before he left. I never ended up getting a text from him, I was so sad the whole day, but I am sure he has a good excuse because he usually does, I just hope hes OK.

My week is going by pretty well, I started school this week, and this teacher I got had HW due the first day, like who does that? so basicly next week I have 2 papers and 4 chapters to read before our 2nd class.

Thanks to everone for linking me, I need all the help I can get, because I am not the most interesting blogger lol.

The title is from the song I was listening to on the radio and at the same time it was rainning lol.

Im going to hang with my brother now. Thanks again

Saturday, July 4, 2009

1 and only corey.

Hi, My name is Corey. This is my first post, and I have no idea what to put lol. Well I will start off with who I am. I am a student and live in the states. I am gay, and am finally starting to accept it. I tried denying it my whole life... didn't work out so well. I am not out yet, so a lot of my information will be TOP SECRET lol I feel like I am in a movie. I am a student. I still live with my parents. I have some siblings. I have a part time job to help pay for gas and clothes etc. I just met this really cool boy his name is Blake about a month ago, he just moved up here. We like each other so much, and hes my best friend ever in the whole world. He is so cute, but we are just friends :(. I enjoy playing video games and playing sports with my friends, and most of all I like just chilling with Blake, I feel so close to am, I feel like telling him how I really feel about him, but I am scared it will only seperate us, or make him feel weird about being my friend. I am new to this blog world thing, so dont be afraid to help a gay brother out lol. Happy Independance day.